Global Gathering '94

From ExoticA
07-09.01  Global Gathering 94.
GLO94 was held at the Bekasmegyer Community Center in Budapest, Hungary by
The Studio and Technix for the amiga and pc scenes. The price for attendance
was 350 forints for all three days, and an additional 100 if you were
bringing your own computer. A separate movie room was promised, showing new
movies. Food would be available both inside the building, as well as in two
nearby supermarkets and a McDonalds. There would also be separate sleeping
quarters. No alcohol would be served, but people were allowed to drink if
they didn't get too drunk - then they'd be shown away. Smoking was generally
not allowed, just a small area would be reserved for this. Demo, intro,
graphics and music (4ch only) competitions would be held. Naturally, we're
searching for confirmation that this party was really held, and if so,
results from the competitions...

· Information from official invitiation file.