Helloween Party '88

From ExoticA
03-06.11  Helloween Party 88.
HEL88 was held in Alvesta, Sweden. Main organizers were Animal and Capone of
The Silents, with help from Horizon, Top Swap, Mahoney & Kaktus, Northstar
and Fairlight. It was likely the party of the year for most people. 240
people attended, making it definitely one of the biggest parties thus far.
We'd be really thankful for any help with releases from this party!

other   Bloodsuckers (amiga).
        Byterapers (amiga).
        Defjam (amiga).
        Goonies (amiga).
        Ipec Elite (amiga).
        Level One & Dream Team (amiga).
        Northstar "Mahoney & Kaktus Musicdisk 1" (amiga).
        Northstar & Fairlight "Megademo 3" (amiga).
        SOS (amiga).
        Starion (amiga).
        The Silents "Round" (amiga, part of Megademo?)