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40k Intro (1994, 03.04, ECS 40k Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

This small intro has some thoroughly unexciting effects in it, to be frank and brutal. That would have been excusable if they'd brought something new to the effects, but they fail there also. We're given BLOCKY plasma, copper effects (soooo 1989), loose dots (not many!) and a dotscroller. I mean, where have these guys been? These are all effects that were popular back in the old megademo days - late '80s. Considering the fact that the tune is dated february 1992, it's probably a safe assumption that it was ripped from somewhere. The intro contains no credits whatsoever.
Based on how it behaves on the two test machines, I'll hazard a guess that it was written on an A1200 with that machine in mind. On the 500 it's slow and flickers in places. Back to the drawing board, guys.
tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.
A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.
Note: Music bugs a little.