Hoaxers and Panoramic Designs Party

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27-30.06  Hoaxers and Panoramic Designs Party.
HPD91 was held at the Adolf Oyen School in Trondheim, Norway by Hoaxers and
Panoramic Designs for the c64 and amiga scenes. The place had space for
about 500 people. The entrance fee was set to 100NOK. There was an
invitation text printed in the c64 diskmag "Corruption #9". Also, there's
text in PD's "Psykolog" demo, saying it was released there. It was probably
a problem with two parties in Norway simultanously.
  Information in a text provided by Zeg seems to contradict some of my
research on this party... It gives the date as 04-07.07, and the school's
name as Selsbakk Skole, though still in the same city. Any help or even
results from this party would be greatly appreciated.

other   Panoramic Designs "Psykolog" (c64 demo).