Holland is OK Party '93

From ExoticA
23-24.01  Holland is OK Party 93.
HIO93 was held in Den Bosch, Holland by Legend and White Label, presumably
for the amiga scene only. There were no prices for the competitions, because
there was too much damage to the building. Only some shirts and a cup for
the winners and no second prices. The winners were chosen by Legend. Notice
that the first price in the music competition was won by a group, which has
also some members in Legend.

- Results and some intros/demos from party pack by Legend.
- Results and party report in Megazine #2, by Vicious.

invit   Legend "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).
        White Label "Party Informer Intro" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Jetset "Overload 2".
        2.  Troop & Kr'33 "The Tante Hellios Closet".
        3.  Origin "Dreadlocktro".

gfx     1.  Viola Bros/TRSI.
        2.  Eswat/Jetset.
        3.  Zoef/Desire.

music   1.  ???/Digital Art Production.
        2.  Strike/Vicious.
        3.  Facet/Lemon.

other   De Bond "Assault" (amiga gametro).
        De Bond "Sonic Triptro" (amiga).
        Freestyle "Freestro" (amiga).
        Interactive "Party Time" (amiga).
        Legend  "N.S.T.R. #7" (amiga musicdisk).
        Phokuz "Whiskey Sunrize" (amiga).
        Sanity "Legend Party Holland Intro" (amiga).
        Vicious  "Megazine #1" (amiga mag).
        Wisdom "Mixed Up" (amiga musicdemo).
        Xentrix "Xentro" (amiga).