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World Charts #13 (1994, .11, ECS File)

Review by Glenn Lunder

This issue of WC opens with an atmospheric intro, set to strings and ritualistic drums. Slowly the words WORLD CHARTS appear onto the screen, before the inital music fades down to give room to some hard techno coupled with some graphically excellent environmental-friendly intitiatives... =) The thing itself is pretty much the same as always, though I do miss all the great graphics - a new pic for every category - of older incarnations.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1 -- Note: Needs KillAGA!

Trainer Menu (1993, .04, ECS Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

Quite nice really, though mostly for the fabulous chiptune - a conversion of the music for the c64 game "Warhawk". Cool! The entire intro is done in shades of blue and black, and at the top of the screen is a mediocre blue Hoodlum logo. Then the middle is occupied with the trainer options, and the bottom part has two scrollers. That font sure is familiar, back from the c64 days, even though I can't really name it as such :) Cool music! The release date was identified by text in the binary itself.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1 -- Note: Needs KillAGA.