Horizon Easter Party

From ExoticA
29.3-1.4  Horizon Easter Party.
Held at Vårbyskolen in Huddinge, about 10km outside Vårby, Sweden by
Horizon for the c64 and amiga scenes. 1000 people were expected, and about
730 turned up. Entrance fee was 80SEK. There were rumours before the party
that the school had burned down, but in reality it was a small fire that
erupted, and only a few classrooms were damaged. It had no infliction on the
party. Unfortunately theft was a major problem at the party, and Dr.Cool/
Censor (c64) was kicked from his group after the party for this reason!
  Our results are pieced together as best we could from various sources, and
are likely the most complete that will ever appear... but we are still
missing the results from the amiga demo competition. The music competition
was arranged by HZ in cooperation with Deadline.

invit   Horizon "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  xx. Rubicon "Megademo".

64demo  1.  Beyond Force "Anal Intruder".
        2.  Flash Inc. "The Legacy".
        3.  Panoramic Designs "That's The Wave It Is".
        4.  War Deal Lamers.
        7.  Noice "Humanoid".

music   1.  Omen/Violence "Funky Piano".
        2.  Tomas Danko Jr "Buena Vista".
        3.  Noteman/Them "Silent Service".
        4.  Artifact/Troon "Lethal".
        5.  Jason/Deadline "Atmosphere".
        6.  Orb/Enigma "House".
        7.  Jugi/Complex "Silent Run".
        8.  Notcher-Rubicon "Farmer Valley".
        9.  A.N./Perfect Ill. "3S Remix".
        10. Lizard & GT MSI "GT-Jazz".

other   Antic "Up The Limits" (c64).
        Panoramic Designs "Destination 91" (c64 music).
        Science 451 "El Escaparate" (c64 demo).
        Shape Design "Shaped Up" (c64 demo).
        Triad "Oilmania" (c64 crack).