IT, Rawhead, The Band, IMP-666 Megaparty

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24-26.03  IT, Rawhead, The Band, IMP-666 Megaparty.
This easter party was held in Arendal, Norway for the amiga scene. Big
international groups were expected, but ultimately only Norwegians and
Swedes showed up - still there were more than 50 demos released at this
party, from 26 different groups! All entries for the music competition had
to be delivered as executables.
  It appears that I was originally wrong in thinking this party was held
18-21.03. Thanks to Zeg for correcting me! Thanks to Sector9/Razor 1911 for
partial results. All Razor demos earlier claimed to be released at this
party (Wirwar/Chainsaw/Yeah!/Liquid Bobs) were so as part of their
"Democollection". The No Limits and IMP-666 party the following year was
held at the same school as this.

· Info and additional results from:
  - Demos and intros from Arendal party pack #1 by Razor 1911 & Cartel.
  - Some musics from Party muzak by It & CRB.
  - Many Music releases on the Hurricane Musicpack (Amiga).

amdemo  1.  IT "Vector Demo".
        2.  Cryptoburners "Megademo".
        3.  Razor 1911 "Democollection".
        4.  n/a
        5.  The Band "Megamaid".
        xx. Alive "Born".
        xx. Cartel "Ball".
        xx. Cartel "Seal Slaughter".
        xx. Cartel "Plate Demo".
        xx. Ghostriders "Circle Bob".
        xx. It "Dolle Demo" (megademo 2).
        xx. Route 66 "Lamekill".
        xx. Route 66 "Rejsor".

music   xx. Beathoven/Alive "Long Relax" (mod.3).
        xx. Beathoven/Alive "Sundetune" (mod.sundemusic 1).
        xx. Beathoven/Alive "Hubaluba" (mod.huba luba 2).
        xx. Bimbex/Cryptoburners "Quirk Penury".
        xx. Chris Korte/RSI "Kraftwerk" (mod.boingbumchak).
        xx. Chris Korte/RSI "Oldie" (mod.technobob 2).
        xx. Chris Korte/RSI "Safe Sex" (
        xx. Chris Korte/RSI "Salute For G.Bush" (mod.15.09.1988).
        xx. Gladiator/IT "Brass Tune".
        xx. Gladiator/IT "Ironic".
        xx. Mc Master Peece "Rap".
        xx. SN/?? "Cynthia" (soundfx13).
        xx. Trixal/Cryptoburners "Shuddering Frights".
        xx. Trixal/Cryptoburners "Wizard's Battle".
        xx. Walkman/IT "Bodybreak".
        xx. Walkman/It "Eye Of The Tiger".
        xx. Walkman/It "Vilt Og Ullent".
        xx. ??/?? "Xmas Tune".

other   Alive "Beatbox #2" (amiga musicdisk).
        Crusaders "Project; Beat" (amiga musicdisk).
        It & Cryptoburners "Megaparty Muzak Disk" (amiga).
        Route 66 & K.O.R.T. "Musicdisk" (amiga).
        The Flash Team "Musicdisk 2" (amiga).