In Bloom Party

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   18.04  In Bloom Party.
INB93 was held in Kecskemät, Hungary for the pc and amiga scenes. The date
is based on the release date of the Majic 12 demo; the Shock results said
just 'april'. Desperately looking for the amiga results!

· Results from the Shock Party Results Pack 5.0.

pcdemo  1.  Majic 12 "Wish".
        2.  Twin Sectors "Mystic".
        3.  Icspc "Radioactivity".

gfx     1.  Thomas/Amnesty.

music   1.  Magnum 755/Moonlight (amiga).
        2.  ??? (amiga).
        3.  Rian & Gery/Planet Organ (pc).