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iNSANE is an active Amiga demo group that was originally formed by Cluster and Metal in 1993. Insane was rebooted in 2012 by Vedder after a 16 year long break.



Vedder (music, 93-96, music, gfx, organizer, 2012-)
Slash (music, co-organizer, 2012-)
Origo (code, 2013-)
Randy (gfx/design, code, 2013-)
Notorious (music, 93-96, music, code, 2013-)
Prospect (code, 2013-)
Gemini (music, 2013-)
Bitflippr (ex pozz/c-lous, gfx, 2013-)
Agem (music, 2013-)
Syntax (code, 2013-)
Louie (gfx/design 93-96, gfx, 2012-)
J-Boy (code, 2013-)
dLuxe (music, gfx/design, 2013-)
Mad (code, 93-96, code, 2013-)
Duffe (gfx, 2013-)
Mr Mygg (music, 2013-)
Stardust (gfx, 2013-)
TmX (gfx, 2013-)
Confidence (code, 10/95, code, 2013-)


The people below are no longer members.

Cluster (organizer, sysop 'INSANITARY' WHQ 93-96)
Metal (code, 93-96)
Bigwig (code, 10/95)
Boozer (sysop 'SHADOWZONE', 08/94)
Cateye (sysop 'INSIDE OUT', ex Taurus, new PRP4, 09/94-01/95)
Distler (sysop 'THE SLAMMER', later Hardbyte, 08/94)
Princip (sysop 'INTERCHANGE', 08/94)
Yaffle (swap, ex C-Lous)
FireFox (music, 12/93-10/95)
Jozef (music, 10/95)
Looby (10/95)
Morris (gfx, 12/93)
Onyx (10/95)
Savage (modem, 10/95)
Senile (music, 03-10/95)
Sniper (modem, 10/95)
Radix (music, 2014)
Some1 (music, 2014)
Electron (gfx, 2014)
Allah (sysop1 'THE CHAMELEON' EHQ, 10/95)
Albert (sysop 'DEEP THOUGHT', 08-10/94)
Armour (code, 08/94-10/95)
C.I.D (sysop2 'THE CHAMELEON' EHQ, 10/95)
DarkElf (sysop3 'THE CHAMELEON' EHQ, triplememb TRSI and Hellfire,10/95-02/96)
Deetsay (music, doublememb Panic, 12/93-10/95)
K-P (Kari-Pekka Koljonen, code, 10/95)
Mici (93), Split (sysop 'A SPLIT SECOND', 93-08/94)
TST (93), Zodiac (93)
Zombie (trade, 03/94-10/95)
CareBear (10/95)
Hydra (Antti Häyrynen, code, 10/95-96)
Major-D (08/94)
Shade (sysop 'EVERYWARE', 10/95-02/96).
Shadower (sysop 'DEATH ROW', 10/95)
Braindead (ex Beatless, new late95)
Coolorado (10/95)
Defect (nor? doublememb Hellfire, 10/95-02/96)
Famous'O'Ho (crack, doublememb Jormas, 94)
Groovy Guru (10/95)
HiJack (10/95)
Kostek (10/95)
Krasnal (10/95)
Mad Max (10/95)
Marx (10/95)
Neumann (10/95)
NightShade (10/95)
UnMad (10/95)
Vostok (10/95).

Group History

iNSANE was formed by Cluster and Metal.
Some time late this year, INSANITARY took over WHQ status from
INTERCHANGE. Hydra is the author of the DayDream bbs system, used to
operate many a scene board! Swedish swapper Pace (ex Yela, 09/93) joined
Complex late this year.
Swedish graphician Phase joined from the newly formed Basement late
this year, but was kicked within a week.
Atomic and Insane merged together in april. Swedish coder Blaze
left for Session in april or may.
Danish organizer Misery left the group late this year to form Amaze
Design with Nigel/Impact Inc.
Vedder rebooted the group. Slash and Louie joined.
Bitflipper, Confidence, D-Luxe, Duffe, Electron, J-boy, Mad, Agem (Mega), Mr.Mygg, Notorious, Origo, Prospect, Radix, Randy, Some1, Stardust, Syntax and TmX joined.
iNSANE won the Amiga 500 demo competition at Datastorm. Came in 3rd with a 40k intro in the 64k intro competition.
Radix, Some1 and Electron was "kicked" due to inactivity (12/04-14)

Lionheart joined Circle. Krustur (code) joined Ram Jam. Raiden joined C-Lous (ROM3). Duffy joined Spoon. According to Propaganda #4, he was first kicked... Metz (sysop) joined Limited Edition.


Apocalypse 2 (1993, 05.08).
7th in the ECC93 demo competition.

Failure (1993, 05.08, Intro).
6th in the ECC93 intro competition.

Eradication (1993, 28.12, ECS Disk).
Code: Metal, Gfx: Louie, Music: Firefox, Vedder.
11th in The Party 93 demo competition.

Achallamahalla (1993, 28.12, ECS File).
Code: Mad, Gfx: Morris, Music: Notorious.
13th in The Party 93 demo competition.

Meliopolis (1994, 07.08, 40k Intro).
9th in the Assembly 94 40k intro competition.

Mindfuck (1994, 07.08, 40k Intro).
20th in the Assembly 94 40k intro competition.
review: Not bad, especially the zoomrottwistplasma thing is interesting...
GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

Virtual Conspiracy Intro (1995, 01.04, 40k Intro).
code: Metal, gfx: Louie, Metal, music: Senile.
Released for the Virtual Conspiracy 95 40k intro, but unplaced.
review: Not terribly interesting, the best thing here comes at the very
beginning with the burning vectors. Don't know what else to tell you...
It's quite average. [glenn]
GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

K-Rauta (1995, 11.06, Demo).
3rd in the Abduction 95 demo competition.

Frenzy (1995, 08.10, AGA 40k Intro).
code: Blaze, gfx: Louie, music: Jozef.
Winner of the Remedy 95 40k intro competition!

Frenzy 100% (1995, 22.10, AGA 40k Intro).
code: Blaze, gfx: Louie, music: Jozef.
review: Nicely designed but oh so short is this little winner intro.
I guess they made a decision on the 'squaky tune and blocky picture' vs
'short but extremely sweet' dilemma and chose the latter. Not that I'm
complaining, I'm all for sweetness!
The code's nothing revolutionary, and neither are the graphics or the
music. The design is what I guess makes this one any special...
This is the 100% version, which is 5k larger than the original 40k
competition intro. [glenn]
GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

Inside (1995, 28.12, AGA 40k Intro).
code: Blaze, gfx: Louie, music: Vedder.
33rd in The Party 5 40k intro competition.
review: Objects, objects, objects... No, seriously, "Inside" opens with
some credits (as - yes, you've guesse it - shaded objects) fly towards
the viewer from various parts of the screen. The background has some sort
of colorcycling effect, but it doesn't look too good. Everything here
seems to use some kind of smoothing, which looks perhaps a little like
what Virtual Dreams used in "242", only smoother. Short is ok if it's
also sweet, but this isn't, really. It's more of an aftertaste thing :)
This is not terribly interesting, but didn't really deserve to end up
dead last either... [glenn]
GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

Old Habits Die Hard (2014, OCS Demo)
code: Origo, Prospect, gfx: Bitflippr, Randy, Duffe, music: Mr Mygg, Vedder
1st at Datastorm 2014 Amiga 500 demo competition

Sprocket (2014, OCS 40k intro)
code: origo, gfx: Mr Mygg, Vedder, music: Mr Mygg
3rd at Datastorm 2014 Amiga 500 64k intro competition)

Meeting Report 5 (2014 OCS/AGA intro)
code: Origo, gfx: Randy, vedder, music: slash
Released at iNSANE internal meeting nr 5.

Meeting 5.5 invitro (2014, AGA invitro)
code: Raylight/Powerline, gfx: Louie, design: Vedder, music: Vedder
Released 30/4 -2014
Invitation intro to iNSANE meeting 5.5 in Stockholm.

Meeting Report 5.5 (2014, OCS intro)
code: Origo, gfx: Randy, Vedder, music: Vedder
Released at iNSANE internal meeting nr 5.5

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