Intel Outside '98

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     .08  Intel Outside 98.
IO98 was held in Poland for the amiga scene. This was the fifth time the
party was arranged. The graphics competition had handdrawn and raytraced
pictures mixed.

· Results from file marked 'Intel Outside'98 results'.
· Results from file marked 'INTEL OUTSIDE PARTY V - RESULTS :' by MCR/MAWI.

amdemo  1.  Floppy "Nadia".
        2.  Venus Art "The Field Where I Died" (ppc).
        3.  Venture "Sketch".

amintro 1.  Nah-Kolor "Dive" (64k).
        2.  Phace Truce "Reformation" (64k).
        3.  Joker "Around" (4k).

gfx     1.  Mustafa/Mystic "Demon Box - coming soon".
        2.  Madd/Mystic "Underwater Flava".
        3.  Modern "Shoespeed".

 music  1.  Wierza/Venture "Born".
        2.  X-Ceed/Endzeit "Passing Time".
        3.  XTD/Mystic "Day 2 - Awakening".