Intel Outside Party 3

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30-31.08  Intel Outside Party 3.
IO96 (aka IO3) was held in Warsaw, Poland by Union. About 800 people
attended. This was the third time IO was arranged, and the first year pc
sceners were allowed access to the event. The Impulse demo "Muscles" was
released simultaneously here and at the AntIQ party! Absence (pc) spread a
textfile after the party, criticizing the arrangers. Apparently their demo
"Voodka" had been corrupted by Union's antivirus, but they weren't allowed
to hand in a new copy, since the deadline had passed! The c64 competitions
were arranged by Jetboy/Elysium. The third-placed c64 demo, "Time prv 5%" by
Oxygen+Qpha was not spread at the party. The actual date is the one above;
some sources incorrectly claim the party started one day earlier. Thanks to
Raf/Katharsis and 3case for info.

· Results from a resultfile that came with Demos of the World v3.0.
· Better results 'The results of competitions at Intel Outside Party 3,'
· Additional information from R.O.M #8 (amiga diskmag).
· C64 results from textfile off an internet ftp site (sorry! =])

amdemo  1.  Impulse "Muscles" (144).
        2.  Floppy "Embraced" (79).
        3.  Venture "Strange Days" (36).
        xx. Union "Your Amiga Can Do This".

am64k   1.  Floppy "Rumpelstiltckin" (98).
        2.  Floppy "Unanimiter" (72).
        3.  Amnesty "Crom" (68).
        9.  Madwizards (MAWI) "Morgoth".
        xx. Bucket "Inside".
        xx. Control "Error - The Intro".
        xx. Cranks "Cyber Space".
        xx. Turnips "Implant".

am4k    1. Sunday (61).
        2. Turnips "Rex" (27).
        3. Venus Art "GouraudFace" (22).

pcdemo  1.  Pulse "Contact" (86).
        2.  S!B "Big Mistake" (32).
        3.  Exmortis "Corrosive 3" (25).
        xx. Absence "Geys".
        xx. Camorra "Planet Logus".
        xx. Dark Legions "Experience".
        xx. High Quality "Cothemo".
        xx. Hypnotize "Transmission".
        xx. Ironman "All Together".
        xx. SLD "Aps".
        xx. ?? "Lamedemo".

pcintro 1.  Poison "Pearl!" (94).
        2.  The Grid "Grd!eqtn" (56).
        3.  Amitro (31).
        4.  Fuse "Wild".

64demo  1.  Samar "Extasy".
        2.  Lepsi Developements "Black Hole".
        3.  Oxygen + Qpha "Time prv 5%".

64gfx   1.  Senti/Oxygen.
        2.  Lucky/Caution.
        3.  Talbot/Faith/Fraction.
        4.  Alg/Motiv8.

64music 1.  Wacek/Arise.
        2.  Gregfeel/Lepsi Developements.
        3.  Wizard/Oxygen.
        4.  Zbyti.

gfx     1.  Fame/Nah-Kolor and Floppy "Magic" (98).
        2.  Lazur "Sweet Poison" (90).
        3.  Yoga "Pain".
        xx. Gunamn "Cybervisions".
        xx. Kazik "Space Pussy".
        xx. Medow "Kiki".
        xx. Mustafa "Gejts".
        xx. PickPoke "When Wind Meets Water".
        xx. ??? "Zmierz".

raytrac 1.  Skywalker "Cherry" (62).
        2.  Zuber "Intel Pentium" (51).
        3.  Opium "Desert Town" (32).
        xx. Barlosz Bcruta "Calculator".
        xx. Chrom "Virtual Flower".
        xx. Marciel Gembara "Watch".
        xx. Traitor "Kuchnia".
        xx. Zabora "Rudy102".

4chmus  1.  Kofi/Revolt "In a future!" (111).
        2.  Digital/Phuture303 "Love & Peace" (47).
        3.  Diabeî/Cremki "Bulgaria" (45).

multich 1.  XTD/Mystic "Reprove" (55).
        2.  Oxygene2 (28).
        3.  Rem (26).

video   1.  Union "Rave Extreme" (321).
        2.  2 (125).

other   Freezers "Hyper" (amiga).
        Fuse "Lush #1" (pc diskmag).
        K.U.B. "Lakry" (amiga).