Intryx Party 1992

From ExoticA
05-06.09  Intryx Party 1992.
INT92 was held in Lyon, France. About 130 people visited the party.
There was a split winner in the music competition.

amdemo  1.  Keop/Devils "Trackmo".
        2.  Nova "Freedom".
        3.  Sken/Intryx "Trackmo".

music   1.  DJ Maxx/Intense "Atomiko".
            Daryl/Shining "Forever Young".
        3.  Blue Silence/Nova "Nox".
        x.  Shun/Liquid.
        x.  Twix.
        x.  Z-Ray/Intryx.
        x.  Hydra/ex Devils.

        1.  TKS/Intense.