Jam Party '93

From ExoticA
          Jam Party.
JAM was arranged by Absolute! (amiga), Organ (pc) and Zoolook (?) in
Budapest, Hungary. The pc demo competition was actually a demo and intro
competition (probably due to a lack of entries). This party sure has a lot
in common with Hammering '93, what with being arranged by Absolute! and
having Faculty release a demo... If anyone can confirm/deny that the two are
the same, please get in touch!

amdemo  1.  Faculty.
        2.  Lamer Crew.
        3.  Concordia.

pcdemo  1.  Twin Sectors Inc. "Brain Drain" (demo).
        2.  Grif "Chantro" (intro).
        3.  Abaddon "On-Tro" (intro).
        4.  Chrysalis "Alarm" (intro).
        5.  We'Kings "A.D.R." (intro).

raytrac 1.  Ninja/Abaddon.

ammusic 1.  Dr.Victor.

pcmusic 1.  E.B.M./Abaddon "Torpedo" (4ch).
        2.  Valentine/Abaddon "M‚gnincsname" (8ch).
        3.  Slayer/Grif "Remember to Bad" (4ch).
        4.  Basq/100-as Sz”g "Last Minutes" (4ch).