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Frank Frazetta part 4 (1995, 30.04, OCS 64k Intro)

Review by Kempy

Don't know how classify this strange production. From one side it looks like non standard intro but from second hand it's a mini slideshow for sure! Everything start with emulation of old zx-spectrum's boot sequence. We can see a typical basic screen and somebody is listing dir, after while choses a Frank4.exe file and launchs it. Joker's logo and nice chip music appear. Here follow 8 grayscaled (16 col.) pictures, 3 in hi-res laced and 5 in low-res resolution. Wonderful. When all graphics are showed a standard choose menu becomes visible and under it scroller starts to flow. Operating by mouse you're able to watch every picture one more time.
Dalthon is known for his talent of making short but great executables and as we see "Frank Frazetta" is a good example. Production preferred to all "long time ago..." maniacs.

Chunky Blitter (1996, 10.11, ECS 4k Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

We watch the flashing 'please wait' text for a while, before being catapulted into a world of fractal based effects. The intro looks quite good, using a sort of smoothing effect that doesn't retract too much from the overall impression. The intro also contains quite a lot more than I expected it to; it pumped out at least three good effect variations after I was convinced the show was over. Then, after it's all done, and the coder credit appears, a small tune is played! It's a bit of a mystery why Dalthon didn't play the tune during the intro...
The text file that comes with this is in Polish.
GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.