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07-09.04  Lahtiparty.
Held by Overload, X-Men, Phalanx and Deathstar at a school in Lahti,
finland. It was originally scheduled be held a few weeks earlier, but had to
be postponed. The entrance fee was 30FIN, which most people found to be a
tad high, especially as it included no other luxuries. At 20:00 on friday,
the first day of the party, the school's principal came and was distraught
by the fact that people were drinking alcohol inside the school. Everything
was fine for a small while, but then someone broke a bottle, and the
principal lost his head. He threatened to call the police if everyone did
not leave the school at once, and when noone did, the police finally had to
come. Everyone was thrown out of the school, but after some reasoning the
people who had no possible way to get home were allowed into the gymnastics
hall for the night. Even though the party continued on saturday and sunday
in a different location, most people went home after the pretty disastrous
  This was the first of two parties in Lahti this year, causing some
confusion between this and the other one, held in november.

· Information from party report in AFL's "Cracker Journal #14" (amiga).

invit   Overload "Party Info Intro" (amiga).