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As it's logo boasts, Lazarus was originally the biggest Amiga games archive on the internet.

Lazarus took it's name from a feature of the disk-doctor utility that came with Workbench 1.3. If disk-doctor fixed your fubar'd disk it would relabel the disk name to Lazarus since it had electronically 'brought the disk back from the dead'!

The Web Site

The Lazarus web site was a large collection of games and demos. A useful resource, but not very practical - due to the popularity of the website you were lucky if your download didn't time out!

Unlike projects such as Amiga Sector One and Back to the Roots, Lazarus didn't appear to obtain permissions to host the various Amiga games - though they did seem to have a grey rule of not hosting games that were released after 1994/1995.

Before the IDSA shut down the web site ca. 1999, Lazarus managed to release a double CD-ROM collection entitled The Amiga Decade Archive.

The Amiga Decade Archive

A list of games that were available on these CDs can be found via the following links: -

More than 50 of the games were infected with various Amiga viruses, making this one of the deadliest Amiga CD-ROM collections available!

The Amiga Decade Archive Booklet

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