Level 4

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Level 4 (1986-)

Level 4 is an Amiga demo group.



United Kingdom
JPN (founder code music, 86-11/90)
6502Kit (code, 03/90)
ATL (music, 03/90)
CMR (gfx, 03/90)
Cougar (gfx, 03/90)
Dr.Nobody (modem, 03/90)
Duke (modem, ex Access, new 05/90)
ESI (swap, 03/90)
Frog (music, 03/90)
MCS (code, 03/90)
MIC (code, 03-11/90)
MMS (code, 03/90)
Roly (new ca 10/90)
Snoopy (code, 03/90)
Stranger (code, ex Access, new 05/90)
Whitestar (gfx, 03-11/90)
Yannic (swap, 03/90)

Group History

Level 4 was formed as early as 1986, making them one of the very first Amiga scene groups. They were originally four members, of which JPN was the only one that remained.

Towards the middle of the year, they received two reinforcements from Access, Stranger (code) and Duke (modem). Their first game, "Doveskill" was finished towards the end of the year, for release thru Thalion, and made by Mic (code), Whitestar (gfx) and JPN (music). The coder was reportedly paid 10,000 DM for the game.


Intro (1988, 03.10, ECS Intro)

Released at the Double Density Crew, Level4, The Supervisors Super Party.


  • SIGNO TIMES (ger, 09/90)