Little Computer People '98

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31.7-2.8  Little Computer People 98 (
LCP98 was held by Hack'n'Trade at a school in Växjö, Sweden for the c64 and
amiga scenes. This was the very first time LCP was arranged; the next LCP
party was held two years later, in 2000. There were three compos; one for
demos (c64/a500), one for graphics (c64) and one for music (C64). However,
the compodisks were stolen right after being shown on the bigscreen, meaning
some of the entries were lost. This was discovered just when the time had
come for voting. Everyone was drunk, and chaos emerged, so no voting
occured... and hence there are no results from the competition in existence
=] Thanks to Mats Andrén for information on this party.

64demo  xx. Dinasours.
        xx. GMI "Barf".
        xx. Triad "Spice Up Your Life".

gfx     xx. Pingo "Axa".
        xx. n/a "Dc Gfx Compo".

music   xx. Goto80/Hack'n'Trade "King Kong 3".
        xx. Nylon/Dinasours "Keep Your Head On".
        xx. Pingo "Førskolan".
        xx. Zyron/F4CG/OxP/NO "Revoked Frenzy".
        xx. Zzap69 "Pepparkaka".

other   Spiderboys "Spiderboys at Little Computer People 98" (c64 note).