Little Computer People 2000

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28-30.07  Little Computer People 2000 (
LCP00 was held at Östregårdskolan in Växjö, Sweden by Hack'n'Trade for the
c64, amiga and gameboy scenes. This was the second time the event was
arranged (first time in 1998). The invitation promises all the usual
comforts, like big audio system, big screen and even showers for those that
need it. The entrance fee is set to maximum 100SEK, probably less. Sider's
vic-20 tune was unfortunately not played in the music competition, which the
arrangers apologise for in the results file. There was not any 'winner'
decided in the demo competition, instead the jury decided to give three
demos an uplifted status. Vodka/FLT's GBC got stolen at the party place =[
Thanks to Mats Andrén for help on this party.

· Information from official invitation.
· Results from file by Frantik/HT.

demo    1.  Civitas "Balloon Or Die" (c64).
            Gobuzov "AGO (realtime)" (gbc).
            Triad "26kg" (c64).
        xx. Hujowa Technical Design Force "Our Speedway" (c64).
        xx. Mogwai (c64).
        xx. Oxsid Planetary "Concluded Cuts" (c64).
        xx. Trhh och Afrika "Kebab Pjuck" (c64).

gfx     1.  Clone/Wrath Designs "Lcppic" (c64 & amiga).
        2.  Vodka/Onslaught/Fairlight "Dreamgirl" (c64 & gbc).
        3.  Prof/Comic Bakery (amiga).
        xx. Clone/Wrath Designs "Lcppic" (c64).
        xx. Dr.Ruth "A Study of a Nipple" (c64).
        xx. Hollowman/Triad "Compopic" (c64).
        xx. Joe/Wrath Designs "Ed & Joe, at the age of three" (c64).

music   1.  Goto80/HT "Lcp2000-Contrib" (c64).
        2.  Zyron/Oxsid Planetary/F4CG "Compotune" (c64).
        3.  Chavez/Funktion (amiga).
        xx. Ed/Wrath Designs "Lcptune" (c64).
        xx. Puterman/Civitas "Devilslow" (c64).
        xx. Raze/SCS*TRC/Padua "Torn Apart" (c64).
        xx. Zzap69/Noice "Degfabriken" (c64).