Low Density '94

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     .04  Low Density '94.
Held at easter time, probably in Belgium, by Outlaws (pc amiga) and Therapy
(amiga). The pc music competition was cancelled since there were no entries.
The 3rd-placer in the pc gfx competition, Kaitty Cat, is a girl. This is
ofcourse highly unconfirmed, but I believe this was the first time a female
participant has been placed in the top 3 at any party. Progress, guys! =]

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  lists 5.5.

amdemo  1.  Chryseis (22).
        2.  Saturne (15).

amgfx   1.  He-Man/Outlaws (53).
        2.  Dnns/Therapy AGA (43).
        3.  Alcid/Outlaws (39).
        xx. Jab-Rune/Ibis.
        xx. Sigma 909/Outlaws.
        xx. Yoga/Outlaws.

ammusic 1.  Arpegiator/Chryseis "Exodia" (74).
        2.  Unix/Chryseis "Chinatown" (66).
        3.  Ibis (35).
        xx. American Native/Biscrok^Outlaws.
        xx. Biscrok/Outlaws "Kaos Theory".
        xx. Biscrok/Outlaws "World of Techno".
        xx. Blacklion/Poseidon "Defparty".
        xx. Cygnic/Chryseis "Parade".
        xx. Wonderboy/Independent "Odyssey".

pcdemo  1.  Da Design "3D Animation".
        2.  Imagine "Firstro".

pcgfx   1.  Moebius/Outlaws "Outlaw".
        2.  Yahn/NTD "Landscape and Biker".
        3.  Kaitty Cat/Imagine "Teeth".