MGF + JOY + WWE Party

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15-17.10  MGF + JOY + WWE Copy-Party.
MGF+JOY+WWE88 was held by Magnificent Force, World Wide Expressive (c64) and
Joy Division (amiga) in Veenendaal, Holland, immediately after the Venlo
Meeting listed above. About 30-40 c64s and 40 amigas were present. New games
like "Garfield", "Minigolf" and "Roadblasters" were released for the amiga.
The demo competition was held mixed with c64 and amiga entries competing
side by side...except there was only ONE single amiga entry =) The first
price in the demo competiton was an Arcade Joystick =0 The Police visited
the party once, but only to warn, and did nothing.

· Minimal information from party report in AFL's "Cracker Journal #10".

demo    1.  Vision "Legalize It" (c64).
        xx. Fashion "Party Demo" (amiga).