Majic 12 and TRSI Easter Conference '92

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18-19.04  Majic 12 and TRSI Easter Conference 92 (hungary).
The party was held at a school called Vas-Villa in Sopron, Hungary.
Mainly an Amiga party, but open to the C64/Atari/PC too. If there is
sufficient demand, competitions will be arranged for the other machines
too. Demos must run on standard 1.2/1.3 1MB Amiga. The school can house up
to 500 people, should the need arise.
  Not to be confused with TRSI's party in Belgium at much the same time!

· Information from party report in R.A.W #3.
· Information from invitiation note (c64).

invit   Majic 12 "Party Invitation" (amiga).
        TRSI "Majic 12 - Tristar and Red Sector Party Invitation" (c64).

amdemo  1.  ???
        2.  ???
        3.  Symbiosis.

gfx     1.  Flo/Beyond.
        2.  Iluvatar/Alcatraz.

music   1.  Manitou/Mosquito.
        2.  Petroff/Soc. Brigade.
        3.  Bali/Errors.