The Mandelbrot Show

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The Mandelbrot Show
The Mandelbrot Show screenshot
Composer(s) Allister Brimble
Group(s) Image Creations
Released At
Music Format(s) Sonix Music Driver
Year published 1990

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Download archive Demo/Brimble_Allister/Mandelbrot_Show.lha

Filename File Size Composer Demo Year Group
File List Indent v2.png Instruments
File List Vertical v2.pngFile List Indent v2.png Never1.Instr 502
File List Vertical v2.pngFile List Indent v2.png Never2.Instr 502
File List Vertical v2.pngFile List End v2.png Square.Instr 502
File List End v2.png smus.NeverEnding 14842 Allister Brimble The Mandelbrot Show 1990 Image Creations
Wednesday 09 April 2003 (XtC): Added to collection
Thursday 08 July 2010 (XtC): Removed comment regarding the 17BIT disk number.
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