Marks Computer Society Party

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23-25.07  Marks Computer Society Party.
MCS93 was held in Kinna outside Gothenburg, Sweden for the amiga scene.
Marks Computer Society is a group formed by members of several other groups.
About 300 people attended. There were just three competitions; demo,
graphics and music. The first price in the demo competition was 5000 SKR.
In addition to the normal competitions, a surprise competition was
announced at the party: write your own PacMan! Unfortunately, only two
contributions were made, and the competition was therefore dropped.
The party was held in two separate halls.
  It is entirely possible that this is the second of two MCS parties this
year; the first one held at eastertime.

· Information from party report in Datormagazin (papermag).

amdemo  1.  Sagazity "Insane".
        2.  The Silents "Something About The Silents Makes Me Sick".
        xx. C-Lous.

gfx     1.  Dominos "Incubus".

music   1.  Marillion/The Silents.