Maximum Pleasure Party

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18-19.05  Maximum Pleasure Party.
MPP was held by Scoopex, Supplex, TRSI and Vogue in Ettlenbruck, Luxembourg.
Despite Scoopex being one of the party organizers, NO member was present at
the party place =) Many competent groups were present, but most demos in the
competition were just jokes, and one was even made with the RSI Demomaker. A
live strip event was promised, and finally started some hours after the
competitions had ended. No wonder not many females attended early computer
parties. Some photos from the party can be seen on Magnetic Fields party
slideshow. Vogue's invitation file claims the party was held in april...who

· Information from these sources:
  - Party report in Complex "Maggy #10".
  - Party report in Coma "Mc-Disk #1".
  - demos from Chuck D.s partypack #1.
  - demos from United Forces party pack #1.
  - demos from Addonic Spreadpack #50.

invit   Vogue "A Sunny Day In April" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  The Special Brothers "Lethal".
        2.  Brainstorm "Primus Wormtro"/"Primus Intro".
        xx. Amiga Industries "Kickin' Ass Party Intro".
        xx. Animators "Man Who Counts".
        xx. Anthrox "For Fun Not Status".
        xx. Awesome "New Demo".
        xx. Decade "Intro".
        xx. Frantic "Demo".
        xx. Hawai Brothers "Joke Demo".
        xx. Iris "Demo".
        xx. Mexx "Intro".
        xx. Quartex "Zetanix".
        xx. Tension "The Deadly Virus".
        xx. The Company "Demo".
        xx. The Company "Intro".
        xx. The Special Brothers "Alcohol Test".
        xx. Utopia "Herpes".
        xx. Weird Science "Born".

music   1.  Romeo Knight/TRSI.
        xx. Jester/Sanity.
        xx. Virgill "Negadance".

other   Addonic "SpreadPack #50" (amiga pack).
        Byte Busters "The Best of Pearl" (amiga musicdisk).
        Magnetic Fields GER "Party Slideshow" (amiga).
        Phenomena  "ECES Invitation".