Melon Dezign - The Birthday Party

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19-21.10  Melon Dezign - The Birthday Party.
Held at Himmeley/Herresklev Gymnasium in Roskilde, Denmark to celebrate
Melon's second anniversary on the 20th of October.
  The party was characterized as a giant flop in Upstream #7, after only
about 180 people showed up - compared to the expected 800... Melon had
rented the school on a time basis, so in order to save money the party
was closed prematurely. Also, all prize money for the competitions were
withdrawn, and the winners of the compos won stuff like pizzas for their
trouble... There were no party releases expect for the graphics and
music from the competitions. One factor that might explain why the
attendance at the party was as poor as it was, is the fact that it was
not arranged on a weekend, but in the middle of the week. All the danish
sceners had a fall vacation during these days, but many foreigners did
not - and could consequently not attend. Drinking was allowed, but there
was no bar. THe most positive thing at the party was probably an
hour-long concert held on the second day by Melon's English musician
TDK. Due to the lack of prizes, the party also suffered a lack of
entries for their competitions. An intro, gfx and eventually music
competition was held.

invit   Melon Dezign "The Birthday Party Invitation" (amiga).

am22k   1.  Balance (c: Scope, m: Subject).
        2.  ???
        3.  Gunnars Farvebio (disqualified due to r/w error).

gfx     1.  LPN/Depth.

music   1.  (various)/Frugtboden.