NAID '95

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15-16.04  NAID 95.
NAID95 was held in Canada. There were 55 (uncertain) entries in the music
competition, and 12 (equally uncertain) entries for graphics. In the
graphics competition, Thunderstorm's entry was originally first place, but
was disqualified since it was ripped!

· Results from 'NAID '95 Results - UNOFFICIAL' by Phoenix/Kosmic.

pcdemo  1.  Craw Productions "Opticron: Tome of the Impossible".
        2.  Da Cheez Brigade "Electric Gruyere".
        3.  Kosmic "Flight".
        4.  Night Vision "Figment".
        5.  Core "Technon".
        xx. 3Some "Expression".
        xx. DDD "Megademo".
        xx. Psychic Monks "Eden".
        xx. Sentience "Neurotoxin".
        xx. Surrounders "Dark Purpose".
        xx. Verhot "Go Easter".

pcintro 1.  The Humanoid "Less Is More".
        2.  Used.
        3.  Us "High Pressure".
        4.  Pure Resistance "White Heat".
        xx. DDD "Squishtro".
        xx. Fudd (FT/iCE & DD/Renaissance) "Pisstro!".
        xx. Sentience "Introchronophobia".

gfx     1.  Schizosynth/Pure Resistance "Spires of Aegis".
        2.  LakEEE/Craw Productions "Stone Tears".
        xx. Thunderstorm "TRS-Bot" --disqualified!--

music   1.  Necros/FM^LD^Psychic Monks "Ascent of the Cloud Eagle".
        2.  Maelcum & IQ/Kosmic "Hitchhiking Reticulan".
        3.  Basehead/FM^Kosmic "Can't Fake The Funk".
        4.  Mosaic/Renaissance "Tears".
        5.  C.C.Catch/Renaissance "Modern Society".