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   02.06  NEWS-Ersatz-Party.
Held in Edderheim, Germany. When about 50 attendants turned up to the
original party, they found the doors to be closed and nobody there to
arrange anything for them. Naturally people were a little pissed off =]
Apparently the organizer of the original event (it was simply called the
"Edderheim Party") didn't think anybody would turn up, and was playing
football instead. However, some of the attendants found a nearby pizzera,
and payed the owner to close his doors for other customers - and just sat
down and had a spontaneous party there! The original arranger turned up a
little later in the day, but was obviously a very unpopular man by then, and
left with blue eyes and a bloody nose, according to witnesses. Thanks to
Ralf from NEWS for the information.