Nexus '95

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20-21.05  Nexus 95.
NEX95 was held in Germany. The resultfile mentioned a final version of the
winning Amiga demo would be released later. The only results I've got were
VERY incomplete, the intro results are as complete as they are due to some
detective work :) Complete results anyone?

· Partial results from 'The results of the competition(s) at Nexus' by

amdemo  1.  Haujobb "Generation X".
        2.  Mainzelmännchen Productions "Secret Members".

am40k   1.  Bizarre Arts "Dice".
        xx. Neoplasia "Sign".
        xx. Shoot "Shocked?".

amgfx   1.  Peachy/Masque^Haujobb "Gravenreuth - Short Dick Man".

ammusic 1.  Jazz/Haujobb "Funky, Funky!".
        2.  SMT/Haujobb "Eternity II".
        3.  Virgill/Essence "Entity".

pcdemo  xx. Compsex Mediatraps "Nope".

pcintro 1.  Mystic Bytes "The Timegate".