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Oops! (OPS, 1995-, http://oops.in.nl)

N-L> Doc (trade, -notmembanymore-, 06/96-09/96), Infant (code, 12/97),
     Mentat (code, 04/96-12/97), Prodigy (org music, 09/95-12/97), Radium
     (Laurens van Klaveren, gfx music www, 09/95-12/97), Selector (trade
     sysop 'BROTHERS BBS', -notmembanymore-, 04-09/96), Strawhead (code,
     04/96-12/97), Trash (trade sysop 'WITCHBOARD', -notmembanymore-,
     04-09/96), Tycoon (code, 05-12/97), Whizzkid (code raytrace, 09/95-
FRA> Shag (code gfx, 04/96-12/97).
SWE> Develin (music, 09-12/97), Vein (gfx, 09-12/97), Wivern (music, 04-
NOR> Dr.Ice (code, 09-12/97).

Oops! was started as a Dutch group, but it seems they have spent some of
1997 branching out into the world. A lot of the info contained here is from
the Oops.guide files they gracefully include in most of their productions..
There's an IRC channel called #Oops!
  Earlier sources have listed Prodigy as sysop of of WHQ 'ORIGIN', but a
guide dated december 97 doesn't.
  Mentat (03/97) and Tycoon (05/97) coded two cracktros for Abuse -- see
  Abuse's own entry for reviews.

  Boardtro (1995, 15.11, Intro).
  code: Whizzkid, gfx: Whizzkid (raytrace), music: Prodigy.

  Anniversary Intro (1995, 09.12, Intro).
  code: Whizzkid, gfx: n/a, music: Prodigy.

  1 Years Anniversary Intro (1996, 10.06, Intro).

  Biz-R (1996, 09.09, File).
  2nd in Bizarre 96 Amiga competition.

  Impressions (1997, 07.01, Musicdisk, 5 disks).
  info: All the music from this musicdisk was released separately in march
  as the "Oops! Musicpack #2".

  Beeps #1 (1997, 22.06, Chippack).

  Invitation to Bizarre '97 (1997, 26.08, Intro).

  Vibes (1997, 13.09, AGA 64k Musicdisk).
  code: Mentat, gfx: none, music: Prodigy.
  Winner of the Bizarre 97 64k intro competition!
  review: This intro apparently does NOT work, at least on my machine. When
  executed it gives a black screen for a little time, then lights the hd led
  on my A1200 (even if I run from RAM), but nothing else happens for a
  looong time... In fact so long that I have ruled out precalculation :)
  Strange, especially since they claim it was developed for 030-50 and
  everything... oh well. The enclosed text file mentions bugs on A4000/030
  and 040, and says the intro is untested on 060. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1 -- note: See review!

  Session (1997, 13.09, AGA File Demo).
  code: Mentat, gfx: Shag, Whizzkid, music: Prodigy.
  Winner of the Bizarre 97 demo competition!
  review: "Session" is a demo that unfortunately doesn't look too
  interesting for the small time I can see of it... After credits it opens
  with a bump ripple effect, moves onto a fast tunnel, some more and larger
  bump ripples, then some red particles...and a crash :(
    The version reviewed is the fixed version, released 09.10-97. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.