Painless Compo '95

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          Painless Compo 95 (
PC95 was the first ever demo party held in Brazil, by demogroup theEnd.
A total of 18 entries were submitted to be judged by 15 judges.
There was only one contestant for the PC demo competition; the arrangers
themselves! They also totally ruled all the other competitions... The
promised ANSI competition was cancelled, since there were no entries.

pcdemo  1.  theEnd "Ancient".

gfx     1.  E-Mage/theEnd.
        2.  Tiago F. Bianchini.

raytrac 1.  Esteban W. G. Clua/Fusion Computer Graphics "VOYAGER.TGA".
        2.  E-Mage/theEnd "ROBOT.GIF".

music   1.  Guizmo/The MODerators
        2.  Sledgehammer/theEnd.
        3.  Monaco's/theEnd.
        4.  Starf0x/theEnd.
        5.  ...Sunset.../theEnd.
        6.  Rafael Lagioto.
        7.  Lost Kluster/theEnd.
        8.  Black Vomit/theEnd.
        9.  Feijao/The MODerators.
        10. Mr.Billy/Aces.
        11. DJ DC/DJ Productions.

midi    1.  ...Sunset.../theEnd.

ascii   1.  Black Vomit/theEnd.