Pepsi Hacker Conference

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25-27.08  Pepsi Hacker Conference.
Held in Furulund, Sweden by Pepsi. About 200 people attended.
The computer press, represented by Digital (norway), Oberoende Computer
(sweden) and DatorMagazin (sweden) were present, as well as some of the big
Swedish newspapers, like Sydsvenska Dagbladet abd Kvällsposten.
There were no usual demo competition; instead, there were competitions for
music, gfx and best utility program. Theis was not intended as a copy party
as such, but more as a means for people to be able to show some of their
work to some of the professional companies that were invited. Obviously,
there was a total ban on illegal copying. 12 contributions for music, three
pictures and two utilities were submitted. Three tunes were chosen by the
arrangers, and then played up for the audience, who voted.

· Information from Robert Hed's report in Digital 4/89 (Amiga fanzine).
· Additional information from report in Datormagazin 13/89 (papermag).

gfx     1.  Gunnar Ljungstrand "Elfquest".

music   1.  Voice.

utility 1.  Johan Lindahl.

other   Fairlight "Rutig Banan" (c64 demo).
        Kaktus & Mahoney "NoiseTracker 1.1" (amiga utility).