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Iltis (1994, 06.08, 40k Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

Certainly no doubt that Pointless have squeezed at lot of the 30k of diskspace that this intro occupies. This intro is BRIMMING with effects of varying quality. The best bits are the remarkably great Pointless logo (which reminded me a lot of Fade One's twisty logos!) and a fast, good 3D dot landscape. Other things here are a 2x2 fractal zoom, a fast linedrawer, a zoomrotating 'Iltis' logo, and a 3D starfield. The music is the real letdown, with its techno overkill approach. Not bad at all, and certainly not pointless :)

Tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.