Prime '91

From ExoticA
   07.12  Prime 91.
PRIME91 was arranged by Vision and Mirage in Hengelo, Holland for the second
year in a row! Any additional results (gfx, music?) would be most welcome!

· Information and demo results from party report in Freedom Crack #8.
· Info from TEK packdisk series Weird Science #19 & #20.
· Info from Vermin Prime party Pack.
· Partyreport in Coma McDisk #3.

invit   Mirage "Prime91 party-invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Axis "Unknown Territory".
        2.  Coma "Hot Dots".
        3.  Surprise! Productions/TRSI "Prism-Vectors" (aka Bistro).

music   xx. Overlord X/CPS "Feelin Good".

other   Abandon "Huge Pile of Bull" (amiga).
        Agnostic Front "Lumme" (amiga).
        Agnostic Front "Lottro" (amiga).
        Awesome  "Intro" (amiga).
        Decade "Hanging Around" (amiga demo).
        Hawaii Brothers "Intro" (amiga).
        Legend "BMM Mag 1" (amiga).
        Lost Boys "Ultimates" (amiga).
        Sanity  "Rosebud Party Slideshow" (amiga slideshow).
        The Hidden "BBS Intro" (amiga).
        The Special Brothers "TBS Mandelbrot" (amiga).
        Vision "Another One" (amiga demo).