Quartz-Magnetic Day Prime Meeting

From ExoticA
07-08.03  Quartz-Magnetic Day Prime Meeting.
Held in Valenciennes in the north of France for the amiga scene. The party
was far from a success, with only 30 people showing up. The overall
impression of the party was nevertheless good, with relaxed organizers,
clean toilets and no problems whatsoever with the power supply =) Alcohol
was allowed, for the first time at a French party, but it posed no big
problem, and no-one was drunk. The graphics competition was cancelled.

· Information and results from report in Cytax' "I.C.E #8" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Willow.
        2.  Analog.
        3.  Axiom.

music   1.  Analog.
        2.  Analog.
        3.  nobody.