Radwar 2000

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26-28.05  Radwar 2000 (http://www.radwar.com).
RWE2K was held at Festhalle Oberbruch in Heinsberg, Germany. There were
room for 2000 people. It's a computer scene party without computers, 100%
pure fun and friendship, as they say themselves. Drinking is naturally
allowed. A complete food buffet (!) included in the entrance fee! Soccer and
paintball tournaments would be held. Foreign people would arrive on friday
(26th) and be shown to their hotels etc., then be taken out to some local
discos for a few beers, with the main party taking place on saturday. There
will also be a big breakfast on sunday, for those feeling up to it.
  For once at a Radwar party, a demo competition would be held, with a
first price of 4000 DM, 3 for 2nd and 2 for 3rd. The competition is themed,
in that it needs to be a cartoon style demo telling a small story.

· Information from invitational text, as published in Demojournal #47.

invit   Haujobb "Radwar 2000 Invitation" (amiga/pc/psx).