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Jesus Was a Demomaker (1997, 25.07, AGA 030 8MB Demo)

Review by Glenn Lunder

Well, this is a first for me - a demo with a seemingly religious theme. Well, that's what it looks like the first time you look at it, but the title does seem to reveal a slightly humourours approach =) However, the theme is exploited to the full here, complete with imagery of Jesus himself. It all opens with a Ramses logo distorted onto the screen to weird music, then going the same way out. Next the real music kicks in, as well as a 3d scene engine taking us around what is seemingly the inside of a church, with those multi-colored imagery windows you find only there, and this is also where the intital credits appear. Next it zooms in and out of a picture of Jesus a few times, with the title of the demo gradually overlaid. Next is a more traditional 3d scene of pillars with a goblet inside and a moving lightsource. Next is a fullscreen picture by Zaac, of a black woman holding a heart spewing flames in her hands. Zaac won the graphics competition at this party too, but it is uncertain whether this is the same picture. Next is a 3d scene with crosses, four moving lighsources and cubes with greetings on their sides. Then what looks like a painting from a church appears, waving, with a bumpmapped Ramses logo in the bottom left corner. Now for something original, a seemingly 'rubbered' 3d scene, the one from before with the crosses. It ends with yet another 3d scene, this time seemingly inside an enclosed room with some objects suspended in dead air. An upscroller (ugly font!) is the last thing you see, overlaid over the very first Ramses logo tbat appeared in the demo. Much of this demo relies on its 3d engine, which unfortunately is not among the very very best. It's good, but ultimately not fast and smooth enough at its present point to really impress in the jungle of amiga 3d. A good demo then, but not an outstanding one.

Tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.