Rawhead, Bros, Suppliers Party

From ExoticA
24-26.02  Rawhead, Bros, Suppliers Party.
Held at Spydeberg near Askim, Norway for the c64 and Amiga scenes. About 300
people attended the party, during a weekend when it was constantly raining.
The party was apparently very professional, with sleeping areas, showers,
electricity, bar, disco, and even a video room! Naturally, the deadline for
the demo competition was moved - 9 hours this time! From the original
deadline at midnight saturday, it was moved to 9 in the morning on sunday.
The winners were decided by a jury. First price in the amiga competition was
an external diskdrive.

amdemo  1.  Zoko Team.
        2.  Crusaders "Mutually Excluded/Walker/Copper" (3 demos).
        3.  Shadows.
        4.  Quackers.
        5.  Breakout.
        6.  Errors "Enthusiasm".
        xx. Magic Circle "Party".
        xx. Spreadpoint-Defjam  "Crisis At Midnight".

64demo  1.  Weird Science.
        2.  Abnormal.
        3.  Rawhead/Shadows "Pimplesqueezer 6".
        4.  Killers.
        5.  Shape "At Last".
        6.  New Triad "Cocktail".
        7.  Errors.
        8.  Zoko Team.
        xx. Antimon "Infected".
        xx. Tracstar "Magic Science".

other   Abnormal "Seeker 8" (c64 demo).
        Abnormal "The Unicorn" (c64 demo).
        Flash Team "Musicdisk 2" (amiga musicdisk).
        Crusaders "Musicdisk" (amiga musicdisk).