Razor 1911, The Cartel, Abnormal Party

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07-09.10  Razor 1911, The Cartel, Abnormal party.
RZR88 was held at Hals Ungdomsskole in Stjørdal near Trondheim, Norway by
Razor 1911 (amiga), The Cartel (amiga) and Abnormal (c64). About 150 people
attended from norway and sweden. There were some power trouble. The Police
stopped by to warn the attendants that they were watching them and wouldn't
tolerate any illegal copying, but they didn't stop the party ;) The party
was covered in a two-page spread in one of Norway's largest newspapers,
Aftenposten Lørdag.
  There were 8 demo contributions for the amiga demo competition, and 11 for
the c64 - so you can see we still have a few holes to fill.
Thanks to Sector 9/Razor 1911 for sending his report.

· Information and results from report in Norsk Dator Magazin (norwegian
  papermag) #1/89.
· Additional information from Razor 1911 partypack 1.
· Information form party report by Sector9/Razor 1911, originally published
  in Scandinavian News 5.

invit   Razor 1911 "Party Informer Intro" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  The Arcadia Team "Vuku".
        2.  Cryptoburners "Crimetime".
        3.  Quackers/Academy "Demo".
        xx. Abnormal "Amiga Section Born".
        xx. The Arcadia Team "Later On".
        xx. The Gang "Copy Orgasm".
        xx. The Cartel "Ganging".

64demo  1.  Rawhead "Partysqueezer".
        2.  Rawhead "Pimplesqueezer 5".
        3.  Abnormal "Indicator".