Royal Amiga Conference

From ExoticA
   30.05  Royal Amiga Conference.
ROY91 was held in Amsterdam, Holland for the amiga scene. An around-the-
clock kiosk was featured for selling food, drinks and cheap empty disks =)
The entrance fee was f8,- or dm 7.50 with invitation, double that price
without. The invitation text promised a giant videoscreen, as well as real-
time downloading of warez from around the globe through modem to ensure the
party was well-stocked on that front. Competitions were arranged for demo,
graphics and music, as well as tournaments for the games Lemmings and
Speedball 2 =) This was a one-day party, held just on saturday the 30th.

other   Axis "Our Nation" (amiga demo).
        Decade "Royal Amiga Conference" (amiga intro).