Rush Hours '97

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22-23.02  Rush Hours '97.
RSH97 was held at Politechnik Hall in Czestochowa, Poland by Freezers
(amiga) and Shadows (atari). It was advertised as the biggest ever party
held in Poland, with room for roughly 1000 people. All the usual gimmicks
are promised, from concerts to movie rooms. Competitions were held for
demo, 64k intro, 4k intro, graphics, raytracing and crazy demo (otherwise
known as Wild demo). Amiga entries were to be shown on A1240/50 32MB ram
or A1230/50 10MB ram. Rules for the intros were A1200 with 4MB fast only.
Max size for demos were 8.8MB - 10 DD disks.
I'd LOVE some complete results :)

· Information from official invitation text, as advertised in X-Files #13.

amdemo  1.  Anadune "Yon".
        2.  Floppy "Papadeo 2".
        xx. PSB "Polygon Heaven".
        xx. Dinx Project and Skid Row "Trayanda".

am64k   1.  Appendix "Navel".
        2.  Anadune "Versor".