Rush Hours '98

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25-26.04  Rush Hours 1998.
RH98 was held at a high school in Czestochowa, Poland by Freezers (amiga),
Pulse (pc), Shadows (atari) and Samar (c64). About 400 people attended. The
invitation promised lots of things it didn't keep, like the venue, which was
supposed to be the Magnes Czestochowianka Sport Hall. Most people felt the
school facilities were clearly inferior. The date, as announced in the
invitation, was 18-19.04 - and it said 'won't be changed' too! The date I'm
using is 100% correct though, and confirmed from several sources. For some
strange reason, only c64 sceners were allowed to vote for c64 productions...
Prizes were very low, and there seems to have been a general displeasure
with the c64 organizers, and accusations of vote faking was widespread. Some
c64 demos were disqualified due to viruses.
  The party atmosphere was reportedly very relaxed, with lots of people
spending most of their time outdoors due to the poor state of the school
facilities. The Police stopped by in the late afternoon, called by panicking
school staff, but only one car appeared and the cops seemed too scared of
the large crowd of party attenders to even get out of the car ;)
  This was also the party where the first ever PowerPC demo was released,
Venus Arts' remix of their classic "Everything Dies"! The second place in
the amiga demo competition, VA + MAWI's "Visible World" is not really a
demo, but a slideshow. There were 48 entries for the 4 channel competition
(9 selected), and 68 entries for the multichannel (12 selected). Thanks to
3Case for some information!

· Information from english invitation file.
· Results from file marked 'official results/pc'.
· Results from file marked 'official results / beta-version' by Azzaro.

amdemo  1.  Floppy "Napalm".
        2.  Venus Art and MAWI "Visible World 100%".
        3.  Appendix "Flea".
        4.  Vegas "Twitch".

am64k   1.  Amnesty "Korn".
        2.  Venus Arts "Born Again".
        3.  Madwizards (Mawi) "Revolution 909".
        xx. Agravedict "Relievo".
        xx. Instinct "Retro 64k".
        xx. Moons "Child".
        xx. Palimy Trafke "Skizzy".
        xx. Phace Truce "Death Brain".
        xx. Reality "Infinity".
        xx. Victims "Dysentery 2".

am4k    1.  Phase Truce "Together-remix".
        2.  Madwizards (Mawi) "s38zb4".
        3.  Madwizards (Mawi) "Thud Remix".
        xx. Absurd "Sky".
        xx. Amnesty "Coolmix".
        xx. Endzeit "Srorim" (crashed on bigscreen).
        xx. Przyjaciele Stefana B. "Babcia 4k".
        xx. WFMS "Sroka".

am256b  1.  Aln/Appendix and Mawi "Midge".
        2.  Random22/WFMS "Jesienny Deszcz".
        3.  ITB/Independent "Break In Chaos".
        4.  Random22/WFMS Zimny Kaloryfer".
        5.  Clever/Redbullz "Stupid".

pcdemo  1.  Norferin "Potepieni".
        2.  Liberty "Gravity".
        3.  Suspend "Yawn".

pc64k   1.  Sixty9 "Born to be Free".
        2.  Logrus "Amorphis".
        3.  Giraffe "Introduction".
        xx. Fuse "Ooze".

pc4k    1.  Tube27 "Maze".
        2.  Mrock/Hellcore "Born Again".
        3.  Wolvie "Conglomerate".

pc256b  1.  Fugaz/Byteway.
        2.  Tube27 "Satin".
        3.  Sleve/Metaphor "Enchante".

64demo  1.  Fraction "Pathology".
        2.  Draco "Take Off".
        3.  Rule3 "Cyberdrome".
        4.  Lepsi De "Standard".

64gfx   1.  Timix/Samar.
        2.  Levi/Lepsi De and Samar "Lovers".
        3.  Sebaloz/Lepsi De. "Babe For Ever".
        xx. Cresh/Taboo
        xx. Jax/Oxygen.
        xx. Katon/Lepsi De.
        xx. Rebel/Green Light "Picek".
        xx. Senti/Oxygen "Crash" and "Bird".
        xx. Shapie/STL and APD and VDV.
        xx. Sidh/Oxygen.

64music 1.  Kordiaukis/Samar.
        2.  Wacek/Arise and Albion and Lepsi De. "My Kingdom".
        3.  Klax/Oxygen and Axelerate "Virus" and "Stage 3".
        xx. Bax/Noname and Lepsi De. "Makeshift".
        xx. Bzyk/Oxygen "Fallout" and "Narcotic Suxx".
        xx. Glover/Samar (2 tunes).
        xx. Gregfeel "Feeling It".
        xx. Hank/Lasser and Draco "Scream".
        xx. JFK/Draco and Rule3.
        xx. Keith/Deep "Jungle Run" and "Old School".
        xx. Praiser/Reflex "Innerspace" and "Psychodelic Killer".
        xx. Rodney/Arise.
        xx. Sage/Fraction and Skylight (2 tunes).
        xx. Shapie/STL and APD and VDV "My Hear Will Go On" and "Technex".
        xx. Signor/Caution "Jest ..." and "Killer".
        xx. Signor and Chash/Caution "Polo In Polo".
        xx. Stix/ALC and Naan "'98 Mix".
        xx. Warlock/Rule3 (2 tunes).

gfx     1.  Kro/Phase Truce "Crazy Man".
        2.  Madd/Mystic "Sinner".
        3.  Mustafa/Mystic "Mystic Influence".

raytrac 1.  Traitor/Nah-Kolor "Nauka".
        2.  Traitor/Nah-Kolor "Kiner".
        3.  Comanche/Amnesty and Agony "R-Flex".

4chmus  1.  Mark/Haujobb+Sector7+Phase Truce "Sensous Whisper".
        2.  Superfml/Appendix and PSL "Crimson Moon".
        3.  X-Ceed/Endzeit and Appendix "Slashing".
        xx. Blaze/Revelation^Fuse "I My Love".
        xx. Dagon/Gel Design "Oldskull".
        xx. Malfunction/Altair "Kamasutra (rage goa)".
        xx. Protas/Mawi^Freezers^Nah-Kolor^The Grid "Swirl".
        xx. Revisq/Floppy^Anadune^Nah-Kolor^Fuse^Mosaic "3000 Years Ago".
        xx. Timer/Mawi "Telepation".

multich 1.  X-Ceed/Endzeit and Appendix "Passion".
        2.  Falcon and Key-g/Pulse "Aural Luvs Children".
        3.  Bartesek/Pulse "Wafloza".

video   1.  Virtual Magic "Star Wars".
        xx. Agravedict.
        xx. Floppy and Mawi "Fragments".
        xx. Suspect.

other   Venus Art "Everything Dies - Special Edition Remix" (amiga ppcdemo).
        Venus Art "Ghost In The Machine ppc remix" (amiga ppc demo).