SEMI Easter Party '93

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09-11.04  SEMI Easter Party '93.
SEMI93 was held at a school in Innsbruck, Austria by Scoopex, Energy and
Manitou (hence SEMI) for the amiga scene. This party is known under several
names; it is often referred to as the SCX-NRG-MTU party, and the invitation
intro referred to it as the Eastern Party 93. Facilities at the party would
include a 24h snackbar and pizza service, a party bbs and continuous showing
of movies on a big screen. Competitions were to be hosted for demo, 40k
intro, graphics and music; C64 competitions if enough C64 people showed up.
Amiga entries needed to run on A500's with 512k chip, 512k fast and
kickstart 1.3. The only indication I've ever seen of it actually being held
is the Scoopex intro, presumably released at the party. Anyone got the
  Apparently, there was some destruction of property at the party, as the
following quote from The Jungle #7 will tell you: "Arranging a party where
lamers smash chairs and doors, destroy the toilets and then say it was a
lame party, totally sucks!" -- Mosquito/ex Manitou.

invit   Scoopex "SEMI Invitation".

am40k   1.  ???
        2.  Zenith  "Irregular".
        xx. Scoopex "SCX-NRG-MTU Party 40k Intro".

music   1.  Case & Filippetto/Zenith "Vibrations".