Satellite '98

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07-09.11  Satellite 98 (
SAT98 was held in Szczecin, Poland by Appendix and Pic Saint Loup for the
amiga, pc and c64 scenes. 265 people attended.
  Some minor details were added to the results here and there, like f.ex.
the name of Onslaught's winning c64 demo ;) We also checked all graphics and
music submitted for the c64 competitions, so these are the COMPLETE results.

· Results from official results file.
· Results from 'SATELLITE '98 Official Results PC', as published in
  Demojournal #13/98.
· c64 results from file on graphics + music disk.

invit   Madwizards and Pic Saint Loup "Satelite '98 Preinvitation" (amiga).
        Appendix "Satellite 98 Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Venture "Video Meliora".
        2.  Venus Art and Madwizards (MAWI) "Drowned Offshore".
        3.  Phase Truce "Organic".
        6.  Madwizards (MAWI) "e4".

am64k   1.  Venus Art "Redox".
        2.  Network and Ozone "Proklive".
        3.  Floppy "Flying Minds".
        6.  Madwizards (MAWI) "Audiofrequencymodulator".

am4k    1.  Mawi "0aid".
        2.  Mawi "Pacou".

pcdemo  1.  Neurogen "Cystic Fibrosis".
        2.  Pengo "People".
        3.  Defect "Drill".

pc64k   1.  Suspend "Front Page".
        2.  Dimension "Transformation".
        xx. Korozone "Overflow" (disqualified due to VESA 24 bit problems].

pc4k    1.  Suspend "Trace Your Mind 2".
        2.  Vardin/Ind "Global Warming".
        3.  Toxic Karrotz "Emphasis".
        4.  Antodothum "Rose".

64demo  1.  Onslaught "Rage".

64gfx   1.  Katon/Lepsi De/Arise "Royo".
        2.  Sebaloz/Lepsi De "Zyborg".
        3.  Rebel/Green Light "Pic".
        4.  Informer/Onslaught "Compo Picture".

64music 1.  Bzyk/Samar/Lepsi De "Swindler".
        2.  Bizet/De-Koder "Hyper Speed".
        3.  Shapie/Onslaught/Vaudeville "Endeavour".
        xx  Data/Axelerate "Virtual Dream".
        xx. Glenn Rune Gallefoss (GRG)/Shape/Onsalught/Blues Muz' "Alone In
        xx. Korde "Pty Zak".
        xx. Leming/Onslaught/Fatum "Real Chaos".
        xx. Morbid/Onslaught/Pulsation "Experiment #2".
        xx. Wacek/Arise "Krap".

gfx     1.  Caro "Professor Virago".
        2.  Gosu "Marta X".
        3.  Spark "The Field Where I Died".

raytrac 1.  Traitor "Kontakt".
        2.  Bonzaj "The Drying Of Your Tears".
        3.  Vodnik "Encounter".

4chmus  1.  Marfi "Mechanicus".
        2.  Norm "Drop of Fuel".
        3.  Fitzroy "Neon's Mind".

multich 1.  Yesus "Gothic10".
        2.  Grogon "Half Power of Me".
        3.  Singer "Mirrors".

        1.  Fed. Zwalczania Lamerstwa "Fuck Lame 2".
        2.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. (PSB) "Prowokacja3-Demaskator".
        3.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. (PSB) "Kociokwik".

wild    1.  Agravedict and Madwizards (MAWI) "Astrosyn'2".
        2.  Agravedict and PSB "Wielka Potrzeba Sztuki".
        3.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. "PSB TV".