Saturne '97

From ExoticA
   31.10  Saturne 97.
SAT97 was held in Chelles near Paris, France, and this was the fifth
time it was arranged. The main power generator fried out during the first
hours of the party leaving most of the hall unplugged. Many people left
early, disappointed and blaming the organisers for poor preparations and
securing no backup power supply. Most of the competitions were cancelled and
the ones that were held were crippled since people who left cancelled their
submissions. No further edition of the Saturne were held as the result of
this power failure in '97. Some nice demos were to be released there which
resurfaced at the other parties later on i.e. "Near Death Experience" by
Pulse (pc). Thanks to 3Case for information!
  The below are the only releases known to us; any additional information
most welcome.

amdemo  xx. Genesis "Syntex".
        xx. Mankind "Scream They Last Scream".

pcdemo  1.  Gods "Evolution".

am64k   2.  Darkage "Sublime".
        xx. Abyss "S.P.A.M.".
        xx. Artificial People "Mosaik".

multich 2.  FBY "Ilys".