Scenario '95

From ExoticA
13-15.10  Scenario 95.
SCN95 was held at the Trio shopping mall in Lahti, Finland by Complex,
Scoopex and i303. This was the first time Scenario was arranged, but
another installment was held the following year. About 120 people attended.
All 30 contributions to the music competition were played! The competition
winners were all promised 1.2gig HD's for their troubles, but no prizes ever

amdemo  1.  Stellar "Aurora".
        2.  Parallax and CNCD "Deep (Psilocybin Mix)".
        xx. Jormas "If There Was No Gravity".
        xx. RRR "Pikasika".

am40k   xx. Exotic Men "Trailer".
        xx. Wunder Baum/Cool Productions "Herba".

pcdemo  1.  Coma "Poliisi".
        2.  Complex "Xtal".
        3.  Halcyon "Karma".

gfx     1.  Tucan/Parallax.

music   1.  Carebear/Insane.