Scenario '96

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08-10.11  Scenario 96.
SCN96 was held in Lahti, Finland for the second time. Though the results
file I've culled the information from seems pretty official, I'd like to
see some more complete results than this!

· Results from 'scenario'96 - 8-10.11 - lahti, neopoli  c o m b o
  r e s u l t s'.

amdemo  1.  Spedes "35518".
        2.  Jakkar + Nailon "Weed".
        3.  HajusteKuusi "Plyvinyylikloridi".

amintro 1.  O'Moses "o'64".

pcdemo  1.  Hirmu "Muna".
        2.  Tpolm "Superman's Day Out"
        3.  Coma "Homo".
        xx. Complex "No Garden".
        xx. Coon "Pierre Deux".
        xx. MFX "Booth".
        xx. P33107 "Talo".
        xx. Tempest "Kalaviljelylaitos".

pcintro 1.  Halcyon "Empty".
        2.  "Fireball".
        3.  "Pure_C".
        xx. Paragon "Station Albert Hoffman".
        xx. TPOLM "Peter & I Like Fizzy Water".

gfx     1.  M. "Autumn".
        2.  Reik /Creamass "Niggah".
        3.  Teuvo/Vitunelite "Spacel".

music   1.  Carebear/Hirmu "Confession".
        2.  Mellow-D "Cotton Wool".
        3.  Weirdo/Redline "Happo".