Scene Event 2002

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     .07  Scene Event 2002.
SCE02 was held in Denmark. The party did have an internet connection this
year, but it was painfully slow.

· Results from official results file.

pcdemo  1.  Excess "Shapeshifter".
        2.  The Pimp Brigade "TPB-03".
        3.  Mainloop "Red Army".
        4.  Fairlight "Monkeys 'n Chihuahua's".
        5.  Progress, Anakata, Kvasigen "Dyslexia".
        6.  Wasniahc "Rydsner".
        7.  Odd "Newschool Plasmademo".
        8.  Powerteam "Ripped?".

pcintro 1.  Mainloop "The Box".
        2.  Rasmus, Marek, Daniel, Søren og Peter "Demoralization".
        3.  Dawning "Trishool".
        4.  Slamsoft "No Time".

ascii   1.  FartMeisters "Cuz We Smell Funny".
        2.  PiKHAT "Scene Event 2002".
        3.  ja det er mig der har lavet den (cD_) "Oel".
        4.  sCr/sAc "Scr Excess Logo".
        5.  PiKHAT "Fisse - Det skal man da ha'".

gfx2d   1.  Dfekt/Junk "Denne gang VIL jeg vinde med et billede av en drage"
        2.  YenZen/Mainloop "Evil Teddy of Shaolin Temple".
        3.  Neuromancer/Skulls^Appendix^Excess "Poseidon".
        4.  Pronking "The True Story About SE2K".
        5.  Xerox^ "Unnatural Bird".

gfx3d   1.  Pezz "C64".
        2.  Trenox/Junk "Work In Progress".
        3.  Dfekt/Junk "While I Connect My Superblaster".
        4.  Waltari/TUBA "Catwoman".
        5.  Midnight/Nettrip Crew "Heart of the Forest".
        6.  Tick/Excess & TEC "Crap Made Under The Influence".
        7.  Gunnar - Brother of ODD "I think there is a worm in my dirt".
        8.  Annoia "Demonic".
        9.  Laika/Loonies "Intelligent Life on Other Planets".

music tracked
        1.  Operator "Cockio".
        2.  X-Otic/Fobik "Phat&Sleazy..."
        3.  Nick Nasty/Blacksperm Boys "Jesus Christ 2.0".
        4.  Lynge/Fobik "Ammo Depleated".
        5.  Windscaleværket ved englands sydvest-kyst "Skrå Mennesker".
        6.  The Scene "Goto_Goa".

music   1.  Gloom and Trenedy/Excess "Around The World".
        2.  Reflex "Muaaaargh".
        3.  Guy Sybian & Gaylord Jackson/The Pimp Brigade "Ain't No Mountain
              Hight Enough".
        4.  Avseq01/Kontvlokken Posse "Miracles (Harde Penis Remix)".
        5.  Orange "Reach For The Sky".
        6.  Puryx/Scarab TRSAC Staff "Ridin' Da Pipes".
        7.  Området Omkring Hallen "360° Industri".
        8.  Gino Jizzmore/Blacksperm Boys "Driving Drunk To Your Promdate".
        9.  X-Otic/Fobik "Psylar".
        10. Lynge/Fobik "Exposed To Sunlight".
        11. Hornet/Loopit "...Cus I Cant".
        12. RBi Studios "Elven Company (we have rain mix)".

        1.  Orange "Kemo Barn".
        2.  Ligemeget "Skrå Maskiner".

anim    1.  Schizo vs. Loopit "Dream".
        2.  Junk "Gust 2".
        3.  TBC & SqZ "Polak(k)slam (trailer)".