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Scenery is a guide to the C64 and Amiga demoscene. It has information on releases, parties and groups, and is extremely comprehensive. It's an attempt to cover an important part of digital history, to accurately document things and events that otherwise might be forgotten.

Scenery was originally made by Glenn (now known as Menace/Spaceballs), and was a one man production but since going public and online at ExoticA in 200, a large number of people have helped out with everything from small snippets of information to entire sections of party results etc.

Menace is still working on Scenery, and in 2005 the C64 and Amiga versions were merged. We offer Menace's text versions in the Download section below but the information from the guides has also been imported into the Wiki for editing.

Wiki Version

Amiga Edition

The data from Amiga edition v1.41 (February 2003) was imported into the wiki. There may be newer information in the most recent release from Menace, but at the time of importing he was doing some re-organising so it seemed safer to import and older version and work from there. You can find the Amiga version on the wiki at the Category:Amiga Demo Groups or the Category:Parties categories.

C64 Edition

The data from version 2.00 (January 27th 2004) was imported into the wiki. You can find the C64 version on the wiki at the Category:C64 Demo Groups


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